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Zoe's work is an exploration of symmetry harmonious proportion and balance, and its relationship to human behaviour and the natural world if the balance is tipped. Zoe's fascination lies with small changes creating larger differences to a later state. Often unnoticed and unseen, interaction that then creates a different view of perception.

Using Glass as a predominant medium Zoe is interested in symmetrical form, reflection, magnification and the use Scientific theory to create illusion, exploring visual language questioning what is really real. Transparency of the glass posing the question, what are we able to reveal and what should remain unknown.

British based artist Zoe Garner Holds a BA (hons) in glass design Staffordshire University and Ma Glass Design University of Sunderland.

Zoe has been a practicing artist since 1997 exhibiting her work Internationally. Currently Zoe’s work is more commission based.

Over the past 15 years Zoe has taught specialist classes for the National Glass Centre, and has been Visiting Lecturer in the University Of Sunderland.

Currently Zoe is Flame working Tutor for the National Glass Centre, and Artist in Residence in Flame Working at the University Of Sunderland.

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