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My Project (developing my creative practice in neon and glass lathe work)


has enabled me to extend my creative practice by learning new skills in neon and on a glass lathe, which use similar processes to flameworking. By combining these processes and materials I have been able to explore new ideas in neon art, that will enable new large scale artworks and allow me to explore the beauty of light in my work.


There are very few flameworkers in the UK and this art is slowly dyeing out it is extremely important that I keep this process alive. Not by repeating history but by finding new innovative and inspiring ways of using flameworking in contemporary art.


While borosilicate glass has been used in neon art it is very rare to see. Most if not all neon artist work with soft glass, which requires a different skill set. So to enable myself to learn neon I will be learning also how to work with soft glass before I can then transfer the knowledge to working with borosilicate glass.


After my research I will be one of the only artists in the UK with the skill set to work with borosilicate glass and neon.


Also during the process of my research I have secured an artist in residence position at the University of Sunderland, which enables me to carry out projects and research. As part of this residency I teach students BA to PHD skills in flameworking as a visiting lecturer.


I have applied to attend a course in Pilchuck Glass School America, titled neon for installation and mind control taught by Sarah Blood & Ranjit Bhatnagar, which will enable me to learn neon and interactive electronics.

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